Around July 2022, HMD Global launched an Android One phone called Nokia 2.2 in Indonesia. This smartphone already runs the Android 9 Pie operating system which will then be updated to Android Q and Android R. On this occasion, I will give a review about this smartphone from the side of users who like to play games.

First impression


When I first held it I was quite surprised by how light this Smartphone is. Although most of the components are made of plastic but the quality is not arbitrary, the Nokia 2.2 looks luxurious with a 5.7-inch screen with a resolution of 720 x 1,520 pixels with a 19:9 aspect ratio bangs with a 5 megapixel selfie camera. People will not think that the price is only one million.

In terms of User Interface, it deserves thumbs up. A very responsive display feels comfortable to look at. Smooth, instant, fast, and easy for me who is not a ‘geek’. In just an instant I was able to understand the operation of this Nokia 2.2 smartphone without being confused. The complete ‘guide’ when the Smartphone was first turned on was very helpful for me.

Attached original accessories

Unlike most smartphones which usually don’t come with a headset. Nokia 2.2 not only provides a headset as a complement to the gadget but also a very patent headset when installed and does not shake. Very comfortable in activities without worrying about the headphones coming off.

Apart from that, there is a very important part for me. That is, the original charger cable that comes with the Nokia 2.2 is very sturdy when installed. I, who is a gamer and livestreamer, am satisfied with the quality of the charger cable that I get in a set with this Nokia 2.2. I don’t have to worry about the charger cable coming loose due to aggressiveness when playing games.

Accessibility with Google Assistant button


I’m not a ‘geek’ type of user who likes to use virtual assistants, for me a feature like this feels a hassle, where we have to talk to the device to do simple commands. But I feel challenged to give this feature a try and see what kind of convenience Google has been dreaming of over the last few years.

And it turns out, this convenience is felt when I’m driving. I simply said “Hello Google” to change routes and GPS directions, search for Joker tickets, find the nearest hangout, and even Virtual Assistant was able to identify the song I was listening to. I can also ask about breaking news, today’s weather and more. I became addicted to using the Virtual Assistant, now typing in the search engine even feels a hassle. Hehe

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