Revealing the Cause of Geek Fam & AuraFire Failed to Qualify for MPL ID S6 Playoffs

Geek Fam ID MPL ID S6


Geek Fam ID MPL ID S6

GridGames.ID – Unconsciously, the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia Season 6 tournament will soon enter its 8th week.

This also marks the last week before the selected teams enter the Playoffs.

Although week 8 will only start in two days, we can already see which teams qualify.

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Judging from the current standings, Geek Fam and AURAFIRE will certainly not participate in the Playoffs later.

MPL ID S6 Week 7 temporary standings


MPL ID S6 Week 7 temporary standings

Geek Fam, who is ranked 7th, is 13 points adrift of Genflix Aerowolf, which is one level above.

Meanwhile, AURAFIRE had to accept the fact that he ended his involvement in MPL ID Season 6 as caretaker.

This situation certainly raises a question mark, what is really going on with the two teams.

The reason is, in Season 5 ago, Geek Fam and AuraFire also failed to advance to the Playoffs.

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