Revealed! This is the Temporary Leak of Season 6 Appearance on PUBG Mobile

GridGames.ID – It doesn’t feel like just counting the days to season 6 in PUBG Mobile and we will leave the fiery atmosphere in season 5.

It seems like season 6 Today we are going to enter the world of parties with neon colors that are really nice to see.

Well, there’s already a leak, what’s the content and appearance? season 6 on PUBG Mobile and of course I’m really curious.

Thanks to @PUBG_Leak on Instagram and @PUBGCommunity on Twitter for giving a little sneak peek.

Unfortunately, it’s still not clear what it looks like royal pass, skins, dan emoticons new for season 6.

However, here’s a temporary leak season 6 PUBG Mobile you should know:

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1. Tukshai or Bajaj will be on the Sanhok Map

Bajaj or Tukshai in PUBG Mobile Season 6

Bajaj or Tukshai in PUBG Mobile Season 6

This Tukshai or Bajaj previously existed in the PC version of PUBG and this time the new vehicle will be on PUBG Mobile on the Sanhok map.


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