Revealed! This is the reason why Apex Legends skins are so expensive

Illustration of paid skins in Apex Legends


Illustration of paid skins in Apex Legends

GridGames.ID – Apex Legends players’ questions and complaints regarding the price of Apex Legends skins or cosmetics have finally been answered.

Last week, Respawn Entertainment as the developer of Apex Legends openly explained several reasons why Apex Legends skins are expensive.

Respawn gave an explanation of the reason for the expensive Apex Legends skin through its communications director named Ryan K Rigney some time ago.

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Complaints and questions about the high cost of Apex Legends skins originated on the Apex Legends forum on Reddit.

In the forum, players questioned and complained about the price of premium skins, which on average were priced at 1800 Apex Coins or around Rp. 260 thousand.

“I understand that you (Respawn) should be able to get the most out of your game, but there has to be a way to prevent players from feeling cheated when they buy Apex Legends skins.” said the Reddit account x5hadau.

Apex Legends players also think that the nominal Rp. 260 thousand is too expensive for one premium Apex Legends skin.

In addition, Apex Legends players are questioning whether Respawn will release a more affordable skin for all its players.


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