Revealed! This is the Oldest Hero in the Mobile Legends Game, Who is He?

Mobile Legends' oldest hero


Mobile Legends’ oldest hero

GridGames.ID – Guys, when did you play Mobile Legends for the first time? Did it come out early or season 1, or recently?

Well, for those of you who have played MOBA games made by Moonton since they first appeared, maybe you will know who is the oldest hero in Mobile Legends.

For those who don’t know, Miya is the oldest hero in Mobile Legends. Just look at the appearance of the Mobile Legends icon on your smartphone, surely the picture is Miya.

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Miya Mobile Legends

Doc. Moonton

Miya Mobile Legends

Even though Layla is the first hero to appear in the game during the tutorial, Miya is the first hero in Mobile Legends.

Even though she is the oldest, Miya still looks beautiful and is still often used in any game mode by loyal Mobile Legends players.

Miya is famous as a role marksman hero who has extraordinary attack speed. Since her appearance, Miya has never been reworked, but maybe when she first appeared, her clothes were still too revealing.

However, this Miya is only made a bit closed to the appearance of her clothes.

So, how old is Miya now?

It’s been about 2.5 years since Mobile Legends has been present on Android and 2 years on iOS, Miya is one of the heroes who has the most skins and all the skins are really beautiful.

This beautiful Archer has 7 skins, namely Burning Bow, Christmas Carnival, Captain Thorns, Honor, Modena Butterfly, Sweet Fantasy, and Suzuhime.

Miya also got a skin couple several times with the hero Alucard, who is usually called his girlfriend.

Skin Couple Miya and Alucard at Valentine 2022 event

Doc. Moonton

Skin Couple Miya and Alucard at Valentine 2022 event

Miya’s skills are also still very GG until now, such as her 1st skill, Fission Shot where the Basic Attack is divided into two arrows that can give Physical Damage to the enemy for 4 seconds.

Rain of Arrows, Miya’s 2nd skill, will also hurt a lot because she shoots a rain of arrows into a circular area and each hit can deal Physical Damage.

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Miya Hero Marksman Mobile Legends


Miya Hero Marksman Mobile Legends

In her ultimate, Miya can disappear alias invisible for 1.5 seconds while shooting her arrows at enemies that can increase her attack speed.

Until now, Miya will continue to exist even though it has been almost 3 years she has lived in the Land of Dawn.

Who here still uses Miya often?


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