Revealed! This is the latest leak of PUBG Mobile Season 8 and Royale Pass

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Updates

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PUBG Mobile Season 8 Updates

GridGames.ID – Soon PUBG Mobile season 7 will end, and PUBG Mobile is coming soon with many new updates.

Yep, talking about the new update in PUBG Mobile season 8, in the past few days, leaks about PUBG Mobile season 8 content have been circulating, one of which is through the @pubgm_leak Instagram account.

It is possible that Season 7 of PUBG Mobile will close next week and there will be a Royale Pass Season 8 of PUBG Mobile.

We currently know that Season 7 of PUBG mobile has entered its 8th week or Week 8, only a week left for the PUBG Mobile Season 8 royale pass update.

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Just like the previous season, in season 8 this time there will be some interesting updates that all PUBGM players should wait for.

Starting from new weapons, outfits, weapon skins, Skin Helmets, to new costumes.

So, let’s discuss some of the latest updates on PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 8.

PUBG Mobile Season 8

Doc. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Season 8

No less than the previous season, PUBG Mobile season 8, the Royale Pass prize is also cooler than the previous season.

What does it look like? Immediately check here, guys!

1. Complete Package Royale Pass PUBG Mobile Season 8

All the bonuses that can be obtained in the Royale Pass PUBG Mobile Season 8 can now be seen in full, here, guys!

2. This is the Costume Set that you get when you reach Level 100 Royale Pass

3. Total List of Prizes You Can Get, Here!

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4. Some reworked menus guys!

5. Can Request Royale Pass Guys!

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6. There’s Surprise Too, Guys! Asoy…

7. New Airplane Skin!

In addition, there are also new weapon skins, guys! Take a look below!

8. For Scar-L Lovers, Must Have!

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9. The theme is Boss Shark, Horrible!

10. Sharing UC, it’s pretty good, guys!

PUBG Mobile Season 8

Doc. Tencent

PUBG Mobile Season 8


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