Revealed! This is the Best Loot Place on PUBG Mobile Vikendi Map

GridGames.ID – The snowy Vikendi map has just been released and is the most popular map in PUBG-ers.

This map has 27 locations with places loot different of course and this map also has mostly SMG weapons, Micro-UZI, and it’s rather rare to find a level 3 set except from drop.

This 4×4 map also has weapons like Kar98k, Mini 14, SKS, as well as new types of weapons Assault Rifle G36C.

Well to get loot The good ones also have to know which locations have lots of complete items to be ready for war later.

This is the location loot and the most and most delicious vehicles on the snowy Vikendi map in PUBG Mobile!

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1. Castle

Castle on PUBG Vikendi Map

Castle on PUBG Vikendi Map

Castle is a destination that is quite crowded but has a place loot which is not bad because it has many terraced houses.

This place is also good for using weapons sniper you know because the place is quite high to monitor the enemy.


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