Revealed! These 3 Talents Become STUN Skin Characters in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends STUN Group Member

Mobile Legends STUN Group Member

GridGames.ID – 515 eParty this year for the first time Mobile Legends formed a virtual music group in the Land of Dawn.

Named STUN, the virtual music group consists of 3 Iconic Heroes in Mobile Legends.

STUN itself has the meaning of Strength (Strength), Tactics (Tactic), Unity (Unite), and Novel (Novel).

The combination of these meanings also has the same meaning as the 515 year theme, namely “Together We Achieve More” or “Together We Achieve More”.

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Chou is the first Hero to be introduced as a member of STUN

The other two STUN members were finally revealed, namely Selena and Brody who would join Chou.

These three will play an important role in this year’s 515 eParty.

STUN Mobile Legends 515 eParty


STUN Mobile Legends 515 eParty

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Well, in celebration of 515 eParty this year, there are 3 talents who will become the three STUN heroes

Here are 3 talents that will become the characters of each Mobile Legends hero in the STUN skin:


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