Reroll Guide Seven Deadly Sins 14 gacha

Seven Deadly Sins Reroll Guide

Hello friends, Did you know? Data reset can be done in the game The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. If you want to delete game data and restart the game from the beginning, you can simply do a data reset. Of course you will start again from the Tutorial, and can do free gacha again and hope to get a better SSR to start, or commonly called “Reroll”. If so, let’s go straight to the guide steps for rerolling the seven deadly sins grand cross Indonesia.

Please note that once this action is performed, you cannot recover deleted game data! So you have to think carefully before you act.

Guide to rerolling the seven deadly sins grand cross Indonesia.

Make sure you only use this Data Reset at the beginning, when you still want to change the characters from the free gacha results. Here are easy steps that you can follow.

Data Reset

The first thing to do is, reset the data. When you have played, and if you have made a gacha withdrawal 14 times, you can immediately save the account or delete it immediately

From the Account Settings menu, you can see several options:

  • Account Information: to view account information and connect with appstore account.
  • Erase Progress: Delete all data on the currently connected account.
  • Import Progress: enter the code to import or use progress from another account.
  • Export Progress: Create a code that is used to carry out the process of importing accounts to other devices / cellphones.

You can choose to Erase Progress directly, and start over the game journey from scratch. Or you can save first by using the feature Export Progress. After that you can save the code that can be used to import accounts on other devices. Who knows you will miss that account, right?

Direct Reroll

After you reset the data, you can start over again. Easy as that . In this game, people are usually done after 14 gacha draws, with the withdrawal details as follows

  1. The first tutorial, guaranteed with SSR
  2. 10 + 1 Bundle
  3. 2 x gacha withdrawals individually

With 14 of you pulling like that, it is predictable that you will have enough supplies at the beginning. That is in the form of 2 SSRs or even more

Seven Deadly Sins Reroll Guide
Seven Deadly Sins Reroll Guide

Download and Play Now

So how? Are you ready for an adventure with new friends. It’s really fun playing the game Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Indonesia, so just download the game right now at

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