Reportedly, PlayStation 5 Production Costs Reached IDR 6.1 Million Per Unit

GridGames.ID – This year, Sony is rumored to be releasing a new PlayStation game console, PlayStation 5 or PS5.

PS5 Will bring a significant increase in capabilities when compared to PS4.

However, this time Sony is struggling to lower PS5 production costs.

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Based on a Bloomberg report, the PS5 has much more expensive components than the PS4.

In fact, the production cost of the PS5 is rumored to be at least $450 or around Rp. 6.1 million.

This value does not include research, promotion and distribution costs which make the selling price to consumers higher than Rp 6.1 million.

If you still have the production costs, Bloomberg predicts that the PS5 will be priced at at least $470 or around Rp. 6.5 million.

The cost is even more expensive than the PS4 which was first sold for $399 in 2022.

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