Reply to Whatsapp Business Chat Messages Automatically Using Whatreply

Tutorial on how to automatically reply to WhatsApp chat messages using WhatReply for Android the latest pro version application without WA AutoResponder root.

Tutorial on how to reply to WhatsApp chat messages automatically using WhatReply for Android app Reply to WhatsApp Business Chat Messages Automatically Using WhatReply
Auto Reply WhatsApp Business

As a business worker who loves online services, especially business actors Online Shop may not be absurd with the instant messaging application called WhatsApp. Now Messenger with the green phone logo already has a separate application for business people, not only in Indonesia but throughout the world.

Its name is WhatsApp Business, some of you may already understand. Complete features ranging from the name of the store / company, the address of the location of the seller’s presence, hours of work / opening, to electronic mail and links to the official website can also be attached.

However, according to monitoring ShukanBunshun.comOne thing that is less interesting is that the automatic reply message feature on WhatsApp Business is not complete by default, so public interest is minimal to use it.

Therefore, WhatReply for WhatsApp and AutoResponder are two third-party applications with similar functions can help SMEs promote, socialize and interact with potential customers.

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For example, if you are busy, you can arrange a few words into a sentence that is sent to other users when they start a chat on WA.

Reply to WhatsApp Business Chat Messages Automatically

Auto Reply WhatsApp Chats on WhatReply

The initial method is to take advantage of additional applications that are available for free shared by the developer. This applies to all Android-based Smartphones such as Xiaomi Redmi Mi Pocophone, Oppo, Realme, Huawei, Samsung Galaxy, Vivo, Asus Zenfone, Infinix, Sony, LG, Honor, OnePlus, Wiko, Nokia, Advan, Lenovo, Motorola while it is not known whether iOS (iPhone iPad iPod Touch) is also available.

Install the WhatReply application for WhatsApp or use the AutoResponder WA Android, please choose one. But this tutorial I use What Reply.

The second stage, if it is successfully installed, open the application until a pop-up window appears that reads “Notification Access”, so you can continue, please tick or just tick.

After being redirected to a new page, immediately activate What2Reply Service, at the bottom there is a column to fill out a message, please enter a chat sentence to reply automatically if someone starts a message with you.

In the third chapter, the pause function, which is where the application is instructed not to reply to WA messages automatically at certain hours, please adjust according to taste.

The process is complete, try asking your friends to send a word to the WhatsApp Business account that you have installed, reply to the WA chat automatically earlier.

Use the WhatsApp Business Auto Reply Feature

Now, if you used the application, while the second edition this time is without any sweetener app. So pure only uses the WhatsApp Business Auto Reply feature provided directly by WA from there so you can reply to automatic chat messages.

Make sure you have installed WhatsApp Business from the Play Store and all accounts are ready to be installed starting from the profile photo, name, other details.

If it is successfully installed, open or run WhatsApp Business. Go to the Settings menu (Settings) which is usually in the upper right corner of the three vertical dots.

Look for a menu that says “Business Suits“, click the “Order outside working hours”, the function is the same as choosing sentences and agendas so that chats are automatically replied to and sent directly without any pending or excess delays without the application not taking up memory space.

The final stage of activating the feature “Send Away Message” and below that there is a field just type the message you want to convey to potential customers when you are not online or closed for example it will be sent automatically.

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That’s a simple guide on how to Reply to WhatsApp Business Chat Messages Automatically Using WhatReply using the WA AutoResponder application for Android, you can also don’t have to root your cellphone first, now customers don’t have to worry anymore if you’re not online.

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