Remembering Kaori Miyazono, Every May

Behind Kaori’s Cheerful Smile

Remembering Kaori Miyazono, Every May - Otaku Mobileague

Even though she looks full of energy and cheerful, Kaori’s body is actually very weak and has had many surgeries. The author actually gave hints from the beginning of the episode about Kaori’s condition when she got off the bus at the hospital.

One night, he accidentally saw his mother crying in the hospital lobby. At that moment he realized that his life would not be long. Not long after that, he was finally admitted to the hospital again and his condition was getting weaker.

Kaori’s Disease

Remembering Kaori Miyazono, Every May - Otaku Mobileague

Actually, Kaori’s disease is not clearly explained by the author. However, there is a lot of speculation that Kaori’s disease is a rare disease called Friedreich Ataxia.

Friedreich Ataxia is an autosomal recessive genetic disease that can cause progressive damage to the nervous system. Symptoms are difficulty walking, sufferers will seem unsteady and fall more often when walking. If the symptoms are severe, the patient is unable to walk, has difficulty speaking, breathing, swallowing and laughing.

Kaori’s End

Remembering Kaori Miyazono, Every May - Otaku Mobileague

Kaori Miyazono who wanted to stay alive ended up undergoing a very risky operation. His love for Arima is his encouragement to return to health. However, the author says otherwise.

After Kaori’s death, Arima receives a letter containing Kaori’s true feelings. Imagine this young Kaori having to die without being able to pour her heart out directly to Arima.

This is what makes many people still remember Kaori Miyazono in May. And there’s still a lot of memes about Kaori, really too!

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