Recommended Thoma Weapons and Artifacts Build in Genshin Impact 2.2

GridGames.ID – After a lot of news and rumors emerged, Mihoyo finally launched Thoma in Genshin Impact 2.2.

Thoma is present at Genshin Impact 2.2 with a new banner featuring Hu Tao, Sayu, and Diona.

This character has Pyro-based elemental skills and uses a Polearm type weapon.

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Despite his status as a 4-star character, Thoma has quite interesting elemental skills and elemental bursts.

The reason is, when Thoma issues elemental skills and elemental bursts, he will get a protective shield that can absorb damage.

Thoma Genshin Impact

Thoma Genshin Impact

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Well, to optimize Thoma’s potential, we need to use weapons and artifacts that match Thoma’s characteristics.

GridGames has rounded up some of the best weapons and artifacts for Thoma as sub-DPS or support.

Come on, check out GridGames’ recommendations about building weapons and Thoma artifacts on the next page.


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