Reckless! Due to Online Game Addiction Two Teens Steal Mosque Charity Box

Illustration of teenager playing online game


Illustration of teenager playing online game

GridGames.ID – A recent news came from a criminal case of online game addiction which was reported to have happened again.

Usually, people who are addicted to online games do not hesitate to take any action, including criminal matters.

This time, the criminal act of theft occurred again because the perpetrator was known to have been addicted to online games.

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Precisely in Karimun Regency, Riau Islands province, the Karimun Police Satreskrim managed to secure two 14-year-old perpetrators who were caught stealing the Arrahman Mosque charity box.

The perpetrators told the police that they could not contain their addiction to online games so they were desperate to steal.

This incident itself occurred a few days ago, namely on Sunday, June 20, 2022 ago.

The names and identities of the two perpetrators were deliberately disguised with the initials HS and IP to protect the privacy of the perpetrators.

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Then, what is the stolen money used for?


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