Recently Released, Lylia’s and X.Borg’s Skills Re-adjusted

Lylia and X.Borg Mobile Legends


Lylia and X.Borg Mobile Legends

GridGames.ID – Recently released, some skills from Lylia and X.Borg have been adjusted again in the 1.4.06 patch update in Mobile Legends.

These two heroes managed to enter Meta, and even became a subscription to being banned during draft pick mode.

All of that because the attributes possessed by these two heroes are so overpowered aka OP.

Not all of the skills, only some of Lylia’s and X.Borg’s skills need to be adjusted to create a balanced game.

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Immediately, here are some of Lylia’s and X.Borg’s skills that were re-adjusted in the latest Mobile Legends update version 1.4.06.


Lylia Mobile Legends


Lylia Mobile Legends

The first to be adjusted is Lylia’s ultimate skill called Black Shoes.

The cooldown time of this skill is increased by 5 seconds at all levels.

However, in this adjustment, HP regeneration after using this skill is reduced by 5%.

In addition, there is an adjustment of the Movement bonus on this ultimate skill to 20%.

Not only the ultimate skill, 2 Lylia’s skill called Shadow Energy is also adjusted.

The basic damage of this skill is adjusted to 90 + skill level*10 and 225 + skill level*25.


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