Reasons why Android heats up quickly and wastes the battery

This time we’re going to discuss an issue that almost every Android user faces, especially newbies to Android: Android is the best mobile operating system right now, so it is only natural that there should be few obstacles for a very large number of users.

Android is also rich in features, but it also has weaknesses: One of them is that the battery heats up quickly and wastes batteries. It is undeniable that as a loyal Android user, you yourself do not know how wasteful Android is in managing its functions.

Here are the reasons why the Inwepo team summarized the reasons why Android is using quite a lot of battery:

1. Internet
Perhaps this is the problem in other operating systems as well. Or even the entire operating system? In the past when I used Symbian there was a saying that I have heard many times that when the internet runs out the battery becomes wasteful, a cell phone for gaming can also make it wasteful. Correctly.

Android supports multitasking. In addition, it also supports real-time notifications. This means that we can always receive the latest notifications on our smartphones such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LINE, Kakao and others, as long as there is an internet connection.

Unfortunately, if the internet is on all the time, it will use a lot of battery power. Especially if you are using the 3G / HSDPA network. In addition to wasting battery life, it can also cause your Android to heat up quickly.

2. Games
It can no longer be denied. Games are one of the reasons people buy Android OS because Android OS displays graphics that are almost the same as computer graphics, so there is nothing wrong with trying Android OS games. But Android while playing games the processor will work more than usual, so it is clear that if the processor speed is high it will definitely use more battery as well.

3. Battery capacity
So battery capacity is obviously very influential. If you want a battery up to 3000mAh, buy a double power battery. But it is worth mentioning! Not much comes out of that on the 3000mAh label.

Don’t trust Android power saving apps because they’re bullshit. Applications like this are only for adjusting connectivity, while what you get may be like internet that isn’t on at the right time, bluetooth that can’t be active, GPS that is always off, and so on. If you are not careful with the configuration, it may be so.

Battery saver apps also consume a lot of RAM. So better leave this type of application behind.

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