Really good! PUBG Mobile Game Has 400 Million Downloads – PUBG Mobile has an amazing record.

This battle royale game posted 400 million downloads on iOS and Android platforms.

Every day, there are at least 50 million active players who play in various modes.

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This data was disclosed by Tencent Games as a developer through a press release.

This number does not even include the activities of PUBG Mobile players at home, China.

The PUBG Mobile game in China was temporarily withdrawn and replaced with a replacement game similar to PUBG.

Before being withdrawn in May 2022, there were at least 70 million active PUBG players every day in China.

Tencent has finally replaced the PUBG mobile game in China with Game of Peace or Heping Jingying.

Game of Peace itself has a similar gameplay to PUBG, except that it has Chinese military content to make it look patriotic.

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Continuing this momentum, PUBG Mobile has opened the e-sports competition PUBG Mobile Club Open 2022.

No kidding, this event has a total prize of $2.5 million or around Rp. 35 billion.

PUBG Mobile is partnering with Vivo as the main sponsor and AT&T for the ESL Mobile Open.

Congratulations, Tencent and PUBG Mobile!


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