Razzie Awards Cancel Award for Bruce Willis

Yesterday, Hollywood was hit by sad and surprising news, where one of the veteran actors, Bruce Willis, officially retired from acting because he was diagnosed with aphasia. This also made the Razzie Awards sympathize and cancel the “award” for Bruce Wilis.

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The Razzie Awards itself is an award de facto anti-Oscars or the opposite of Oscars. This event gives “award” to the worst films each year, including to the entire crew and people involved in the film.

The 2022 Razzie Awards itself has one of the “honor” categories for Bruce Wilis because he considered the 63-year-old actor’s performance to be very poor last year. But a day after announcing his retirement, the Razzie Awards canceled the category and sympathized with Bruce Willis.

Through a tweet on its official Twitter account, the Razzie Awards expressed their apologies and condolences to Bruce Willis who was declared affected by Aphasia. They also wished the best for Bruce and his family.

“After careful consideration, the Razzies have made the decision to cancel the Razzie Award given to Bruce Willis due to his recent illness,” said John Wilson and Mo Murphy, co-founders of Razzie.

“If someone has a poor health condition, it can be a factor that makes their performance less good too, we consider this condition not worthy of Razzie,” they said again quoted by Deadline media.

The official name of the Razzies awards “Golden Raspberry Awards” itself has been held since May 15 last. This event has a special category for Bruce Willis, namely Worst Performance by Bruce Willis in a 2022 Movie.

The content of this category itself contains all films starring actors franchise This Die Hard in 2022 yesterday, namely American Siege, Apex, Midnight in the Switchgrass, Cosmic Sin, deadlocks, fortress, Out of Death and Survive the Game.

Long before 2022 or today, Bruce Willis was actually one of Hollywood’s top legends and actors. He has starred in dozens of action film titles that make him juxtaposed with the names of action stars such as Sylvester Stallone to Arnold Shwarzenegger.

Some of the iconic films from Bruce Willis that you must watch are franchise Die Hard (1-4), RED, The Sixth Sense, Armageddon, GIJoe, until The Expendables.

Well, hopefully in the future Bruce’s condition will improve so that he can at least make a cameo in a few more films!

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