Rafaela’s Appearance in Mobile Legends Before and After Remodeled

Rafaela's latest look in Mobile Legends


Rafaela’s latest look in Mobile Legends

GridGames.ID – After some time ago there was an announcement about revamp skills, Rafaela now has a new, more beautiful appearance.

The hero role support in the Mobile Legends game has changed its appearance to be more attractive with clothes that look much more elegant.

In the past, Rafaela wore clothes like a semi bikini with curvy wings in white and gold.

Now Rafaela is wearing a white and gold dress, as well as a wand that has been updated to make it look more sturdy.

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In terms of color, Rafaela is still dominated by the same colors, namely white and gold.

However, Rafaela looks much more mature with loose blonde hair without bangs in her new look.

For those who want to see the difference, here’s how Rafaela looks before and after the remodel.

Rafaela, Hero Support Mobile Legends


Rafaela, Hero Support Mobile Legends

Rafaela's latest look in Mobile Legends


Rafaela’s latest look in Mobile Legends

Eits, it’s not just Rafaela’s original appearance that’s been remodeled. One of his skins also has a completely changed appearance.

This Elite skin named Fertility Goddess originally had the appearance of an Egyptian Queen paired with Roger’s skin hero named Anubis.

But, now the Queen of Egypt no longer looks like it used to. With purple hair, Rafaela looks different from the old look on this skin. So it’s more modern..

Here’s the difference between Fertility Goddess Rafaela’s skin before and after the remodel.

Rafaela's skin look


Rafaela’s skin look

The latest look of Rafaela's skin


The latest look of Rafaela’s skin

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Rafaela’s Passive Skill, Deity Penalization, is officially revamped, where Rafaela will inflict punishment on targets that have eliminated her. However, the target must be within a certain distance.

Rafaela will charge for a few seconds, then give a penalty to the target. It will deal True Damage of the target’s Max HP at a certain ratio. Unfortunately, it can be blocked by other enemy heroes.

In addition, there is a slight increase in speed in removing the Holy Baptism skill, which is Rafaela’s ultimate skill.

With the remodel and revamp skills, can Rafaela become a support hero who is no longer underestimated?


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