Quincy Crew Will Do a Roster Reshuffle, What’s the Fate of Yawar?

Roaster Quincy Crew at The International 10

Roaster Quincy Crew at The International 10

GridGame.ID – After The International 10 is over, several big teams are preparing to run the 2022/2022 season.

One of the teams currently preparing and reshuffling the roster is Quincy Crew.

The team from the North American region will make a roster reshuffle to improve team performance and prepare for next season.

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The Quincy Crew roster reshuffle was officially announced by the team management via their Twitter account.

In the tweet, Lelis as Quincy Crew offlaner also provided information about his future in the Quincy Crew team.

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Then, what about the fate of the other 4 Quincy Crew players? See the explanation on the next page.


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