Quick ways to delete entire pictures in Word

word is an application that you get the first time you use itInstall Office, it is good Office 2010, 2022, 2022 and the newest. As we know, word is a program office This is useful for managing text and image documents. In his story, word first developed by Xerox programmers, named Charles Simonyi dan Richard Brodie. Skills qualified both of them, as the former richest man in the world, Bill Gates, smelled. Together with the two of them programmer the, Bill Gates officially launched Microsoft Word 1.0 1983, on the operating system MS-DOS.

Microsoft Word

Since then, Microsoft Word continues to experience significant development. Even Microsoft how to have a schedule Office updates, at least every 3 years. Finally we can use it Microsoft Office including word The latest version is the 2022.

word helped a lot with office administration, helped many students with writing their learning materials such as homework. In the paper there are of course pictures that can clearly visualize the description through the written words.

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If the image is not suitable for visualizing the information available, we will delete it automatically. What happens, however, is that there isn’t just 1 image that doesn’t match. Also, there are many pages of paper, it will be very inconvenient if you have toscroll one at a time to delete all existing images. We can solve problems with functions Substitute At Microsoft Word.

Replace function in Word

We can get this function by pressing Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + H. Used to replace or delete words, phrases, and even pictures. For example, if the problem document contains repeated errors, such as:


1. Open Microsoft Word that you have. Author opens Microsoft Word 2021 version.

How to quickly delete entire pictures in Word

2. Then open the document from which you want to delete the picture. Access via functions open minded. The author gives an example by opening the author’s old document while studying, namely the revision of the thesis

How to quickly delete entire pictures in Word

3. After the document is open, you can access the functions directly Substitute from Ctrl + H.

How to quickly delete entire pictures in Word

4. Write it directly in the column Find something Code ^ g, which means graphic including pictures. Then choose Replace everything

How to quickly delete entire pictures in Word

5. As previous information, there are 77 images in this author’s document.

How to quickly delete entire pictures in Word

6. After the button Replace everything is selected, then display the entire image word will be lost. To go back to the beginning, just press the button Ctrl + Z, to the cancel Assignment.


Specialty Substitute At word We can count on replacing the wrong word and the right word keeps happening. In addition, this function can also use all images on the Words. Code to erase the entire image word is ^ g. This code stands for Graphic, including pictures and images Diagrams.

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