Quick ways to delete all friend contacts on LINE

In this tutorial, the author explains how to quickly delete all contacts from your friends list on Facebook MANAGEMENT without losing the already existing sticker. The advantages of this method are:

• Do not remove the sticker you previously had.

• Delete friend’s contacts to 0 to delete your friend’s contacts

Well, maybe in the past you have often added LINE ID contacts from unknown people up to thousands which causes you discomfort and has many statuses on an unclear timeline, this way your account can be clean again.


1. Must Register Facebook account before doing the following.


1. Register a new account with your new email address and phone number.

2. After that Erase / reinstall data the LINE app.

3rd Sign up reset with your new email.

4. Then do not enter the telephone number, but rather Sign up with your old Facebook account that was previously registered.

Done, the list in your friend’s contacts is clean.

5. Then for download Recharge the sticker you already had Settings> Stickers> My Sticker.

Vital signs:
When creating a new account, do not register a Facebook account in the settings, as this could cause you to lose the stickers you already have.

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