PUBGM TULI INDONESIA Community Gathering Creates Accessibility in the World of eSports

PUBGM TULI INDONESIA Community Gathering Creates Accessibility in the World of eSports
The PUBG Mobile Deaf community took a group photo at Burger King at the Sparing event

Jakarta. Sunday, May 24, 2022 – The atmosphere at Burger King, Djakarta Theater that afternoon was like Erangel. Each team is fighting fiercely for ‘chicken dinner’ from the lobby where all the players are deaf. Players throw cues from their respective tables to give orders, while the other teams cheat and joke with each other. Competition sparring What was done that afternoon was full of laughter and bustling with players making fun of each other’s teams. The people who came also looked at the excitement of their friends who were busy using sign language. What’s in this event?

The PUBG-Mobile Deaf community gathering event organized by the author together with Marvel Buhamir, one of the community activists, aims to unite Deaf community friends who are tailored to their needs, share tips and tricks, and support Deaf friends who have not received clan or still playing solo to join and form a team. Thus, through this event, new teams will be formed. In addition, there is a session sparring which is a place to hone the competitive and communication skills of deaf players to go professional. We also discussed sign languages ​​to describe terms in the PUBG Mobile game. Like grenade, smoke, prone, and others.

PUBGM TULI INDONESIA Community Gathering Creates Accessibility in the World of eSports
the position of the table facing each other will make it easier for the deaf to communicate in the game

Access and System Discussion in eSports Tournaments

Apart from sparring and share, we also had a brief discussion about a mobile game tournament system that can provide access to players with various types of disabilities. Actually, allowing someone to enter a competition without giving access is like cutting a tree without a knife, it takes a lot of effort that is unfair which of course will reduce the value of sportsmanship in a tournament/match. With this discussion, in the future we hope that gaming and eSports tournaments can also be included. We also plan to create tournaments that are accessible to players with special needs for an inclusive eSports environment.

Creating an Inclusive eSports Ecosystem

Marvel Buhamir as one of the initiators of the PUBG Mobile Deaf community gathering hopes that this event can be carried out regularly every month to continue to hone confidence and communication in teamwork. Meanwhile, the writer who is also involved in organizing the event hopes that a community gathering like this can trigger other communities to show their existence so that players with disabilities will no longer feel inferior to appear on the competition stage.

PUBGM TULI INDONESIA Community Gathering Creates Accessibility in the World of eSports

In playing games with a team, of course, communication is an important factor in cooperation between players. With practice and good communication a team can create a harmonious game to win the game. With frequent face-to-face meetings and sparring between teams, these communication skills will be honed. Thus, the state of a person’s disability is no longer an obstacle. Friends from the PUBG-Mobile community who mostly come from the JABODETABEK region have proven this by playing and communicating and even creating natural movements without obstacles. So, by providing appropriate access, now being an eSports athlete and competing is not a dream for anyone.

If you are interested in joining. You can visit Marvel Instagram at @marvelbh or Shena at @buahtomat. Look forward to the next gathering!

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