PUBG Mobile Spring 2022 Tournament Winners List, Bigetron RA Dominates!

PUBG Mobile Spring 2022 Tournament Winners List, Bigetron RA Dominates! PUBG Mobile’s Spring 2022 season has officially ended as PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) 2022 has ended and we are preparing for PUBG Mobile’s Fall 2022 season.

In the eastern region, Bigetron RA has emerged as a champion in both the league and the finals. This proves that they are the best team in the world.

With many PUBG Mobile Spring 2022 tournaments, the next SPIN Esports shows a list of team or individual award winners.

PMPL / PMWL Spring Season Champion

Bigetron RA PMPLID Season 1
Photo courtesy of PUBG Mobile Esports ID
  • PMWL East League – Bigetron Red Alien
  • PMWL East Final -Bigetron Red Alien
  • PMWL West League -loop
  • PMWL West Final –Footbolist
  • PMPL SEA Final ・ Iodogank
  • PMPL Thailand Final- Valdas murder
  • PMPL Thai League – RRQ Athena
  • PMPL Indonesia Final – Bigetron Red Alien
  • PMPL Indonesian League – Bigetron Red Aliens
  • PMPL South Asia League –Orange Rock esports
  • PMPL South Asia Final – Galaxy Racer-Celtx
  • PMPLMY SG Final -Team Secret
  • PMPL MYSG ​​League –Mr Ah Esports
  • PMPL Vietnam Final –Game box
  • PMPL Vietnam League –Matrix United
  • PMPL Chinese Taipei Final – U level up
  • PMPL Chinese Taipei League –Unicorn gaming
  • PMPL Americas – loop

PMPL Season 1

  • Southeast Asia MVP –Draxx (Yoodo Gank)
  • American MVP – Carrilho (loop)
  • South Asia Finals MVP –Clutchgod (TSM-Entity)
  • South Asia League Stage MVP –Jonathan (TSM Entity)

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PMWL Season Zero

Fan's favorite player
Photo courtesy of PUBG Mobile Esports
  • Americas -Ayala (Team Keso)
  • Europe –Solkei (footboard list)
  • Middle East and Africa ・ Babye (flag machine)
  • Wildcard- ChocoNuTx (NoChance team)
  • Ocean- Fred (Iodogank)
  • Korean – Seiden (T1)
  • South Asia- Sc0utOP (orange lock)
  • Japan- Sarah (REJECT.Scarlet)

PMWL League Stage

  • east- Zuxxy (Bigetron Red Aliens)
  • West – Carillo (loop)

PMWL final

  • east – BreakK (BOX game)
  • West – Solkei (soccer)
These are the winners of the PUBG Mobile Spring 2022 tournament and we hope that Bigetron RA will dominate the Spring 2022 season and this positive trend will continue. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!

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