PUBG Mobile is Nominated for Best Esports Game 2022, Let’s Support!

GridGames.ID – PUBG Mobile is not only a game with high popularity, but also has various achievements.

Recently, PUBG Mobile was nominated for the best esports game in 2022 at the prestigious The Esports Awards 2022.

Based on Grid Games’ monitoring, PUBG Mobile was nominated for “Esports Game of The Year” and “Esports Mobile of The Year”.

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The “Esports Game of The Year” award is aimed at the best esports game for PC and Mobile versions of 2022.

Meanwhile, “Esports Mobile of The Year” is an award aimed at the best mobile esports game in 2022.

In these 2 award categories, PUBG Mobile has to compete with other popular games on mobile and PC platforms.

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Then, how to support PUBG Mobile to get these 2 awards?

See the explanation on the next page.


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