PUBG Mobile Guide for Beginners (Auto Chicken Dinner)

Who is this player newbie to PUBG Mobile? Well, of course as a new player you are eager to know guide PUBG Mobile to get Chicken Dinner.

Because games battle This royale has lots of tips and tricks, such as how to land on PUBG Mobile, how to take the Air Drop on the roof, and many others.

PUBG Mobile Guide for Beginner Players

For those of you who are curious how guide PUBG Mobile for beginners. Come on! Just take a look at the PUBG Mobile guide below.

1. Safe Landing Place

pubg mobile guide

Plunge Where You Think It’s Right

Finding a place to land is one of the guide PUBG Mobile that you must understand. Because if you land on the best loot place for beginners.

Then, you will get the sickest weapon that you can use when fighting. To land, you have to determine the place first on the map, guys.

2. Searching for Weapons and Items (Looting)

Lots of Loot

Lots of Loot

After landing where you want, the next PUBG Mobile Guide is to look for weapons and items that must be in your bag. But, don’t focus too much on one place, guys.

You can find the best weapons and items in houses, barracks, or other places. In essence, look for weapons and items best for your war supplies.

3. Always Be in the Safe Zone

Being In The Safe Zone

Being In The Safe Zone

Guide The next PUBG Mobile is always in the safe zone. If you are in a secret loot place and far from the safe zone, don’t be too focused loot.

Better do it loot as efficient as possible and immediately look for a car or motorbike to get to the safe zone.

4. Use Vehicle

Use Vehicle

Use Vehicle

Furthermore, using a vehicle during a match can also help you loot or to a safe place.

Not only that, you can also kill enemies using the vehicle you use to get Chicken Dinner.

5. Think Strategy for Fighting

Equip Defense with Pot

Set Strategy

Guide The last PUBG Mobile for those of you who are beginners is to think about a strategy to fight. Under certain conditions you will be faced with enemies who try to kill you.

If the weapons and items you use are not good, you should try to escape from the ambush slowly. You can distract him with smoke bombs and flash bank.

However, if you have the sickest weapons and high level items. You can shoot directly with him, guys.

How are you guys? I understand guide PUBG Mobile that we provide? If you have interesting criticism or suggestions, you can write them in the comments column below.

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