PUBG Mobile Event “2Gether We Play” with Abundant Prizes!

In celebration of his second birthday, PUBG Mobile, PUBG Corp and Tencent Games pampering the players again by accompanying their battle together to get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

The celebration also marks the start of season 12 as well as the launch of the event PUBG Mobile title “2Gether We Play“. This event aims to provide players with fun in combat by providing various special features from May 12, 2022 to May 1, 2022.

PUBG Mobile Events "2Gether We Play" Abundant Prizes!

PUBG Mobile Event Special Features

Special features added in the event PUBG Mobile is the fun of fighting on the playground in the Erangel Map in classic mode. The location of the playground will change every time the soldiers start the game.

Play Arcade Game

PUBG Mobile Events "2Gether We Play" Abundant Prizes!
PUBG Mobile Events

Inside the playground, soldiers can play the provided arcade games such as space war and hunting games. By playing the arcade game, soldiers can get puzzle pieces that can be exchanged for limited edition prizes.

Other Features in the Event

Tencent did not forget to add other features such as What’s in The Box, Trampoline, Shooting Range, Reserve Bungee and also tower to the skies ride. In this vehicle, you will be taken to fly into space to be able to widen your visibility from space or chase distant enemies.

Are you curious about the prize? I’m curious! Curious please!! Come on, the prizes are on the second page!!!

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