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GridGames.ID – Bigetron eSports is a leading Indonesian eSports organization founded on 28 May 2022.

Bigetron has competitive teams in PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Arena Of Valor, Dota 2, Fortnite, Point Blank, CS:GO, and Tekken.

Bigetroon became known when he became the champion of PINC 2022, because of the epic game from Bigetroon players in the PUBG Mobile division.

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No wonder they managed to become champions at the 2022 PINC event, Qualification in Shanghai, China and Passed PMCO to Berlin, Germany.

This time, GridGames will provide information on the Biodata and Profile of Robby Mahardika Saputra who has the nickname BTR. Natic.

For those who don’t know who Natic ​​is?

BTR. Natic ​​is the leader of the PUBG Mobile division of Bigetron eSport, which consists of BTR.Luxxy, BTR.Zuxxy, BTR.Ryzen.

Robby or who can be called Natic, was chosen to be a captain or leader as well as support from the Bigetron eSport team.

The experience that BTR.Natic ​​has cannot be underestimated!

Natic ​​is a legendary player from another first person shot game, Crisis Action and also the captain of a team called Proclaz.

With the achievements that have been obtained and experience in the international arena in the Crisis Action game and participating in the ROS World Championship,.

It is right that Natic ​​is the leader of the Bigetron eSport PUBG Mobile team.

At the 2022 PINC Grand Final, the dominance of the game was clearly visible in this tournament.

They got Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in the first rounds.

As a result they were able to maintain the top points and win PINC 2022 to advance to the first International tournament on PUBG Mobile, PMSC 2022.

Bigetron eSport PUBG Mobile division

Doc. Made Bagas

Bigetron eSport PUBG Mobile division

The actions of BTR.Zuxxy and BTR.Luxxy players that captivated the audience.

It did not escape being commanded by BTR. Natic ​​in strategy within the team.

BTR.Natic’s experience as a game leader from Bigetron eSport players has also become one of the factors for the team’s success.

BTR.Luxxy and BTR.Zuxxy with strong chemistry, as well as their aim and skills to kill enemies are one of the factors for the team’s success.

This is because of his ability to strategize and analyze the opponent’s movements very well.

In addition to his intelligence, another advantage of Natic ​​that other pro players do not have is his ability to predict the next zone will close until finally NaTiC is also known as the “Zona Handler” and provides benefits for his colleagues.

BTR.Ryzen’s position in team play has become the number one success of the team in Indonesia to date.

Robby Mahardika Saputra boasts Bigetron eSport is heading to Dubai to compete with 19 countries around the world.

Although it did not manage to rank 1, Bigetron eSport was able to beat 11 teams from various countries around the world.

The final result in Dubai Bigetron eSport peaked in 9th place with 2745 points, even though it was the first time to go to a tournament abroad, of course this was very proud.

Good performance from BTR.Natic, BTR.Zuxxy, BTR.Luxxy and BTR.Ryzen.

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Robby Mahardika Saputra already likes the hobby of playing games.

One of the most popular games is the First Person Shot genre.

No wonder it has extraordinary skills.

The following is the biodata of Robby aka BTR. Natic:

Name : Robby Mahardika Saputra

Hobbies: Playing Games

Job: Pro Player PUBG Mobile Bigetron eSport

Nickname : BTR. Natic

Team : Bigetron eSport

Role: Leader and Support

2nd Place PMCO SEA 2022 Bigetron eSport

Doc. Bigetron

2nd Place PMCO SEA 2022 Bigetron eSport

The achievements they have ever received are the GridGames version.

  1. PINC 2022 Champion
  2. Rank 9 PMSC 2022
  3. 1st Champion Fighting-League 2022
  4. 1st Place Kaskus Battleground Season 3
  5. 1st Place KitaKitaCool PUBGM Tournament 2022
  6. 1st Place PMCO 2022
  7. 3rd Place PMCO SEA League 2022
  8. 2nd Place PMCO SEA 2022

Especially for being the mastermind behind the Bigetron eSports game. BTR.Natic ​​is the core team of Bigetron eSports PUBG Mobile branch.


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