PUBG Mobile 2.0 payload mode is here, what’s new?

It’s been rumored for weeks that Payload 2.0 mode is coming to PUBG Mobile.

By changing and adding many functions this time, Payload 2.0 Gives the player a new sensation.

Introduced payload mode for all players from October 2022 PUBG mobile, And just one year now, payload mode welcomes players again.

If you look at the trailer delivered by PUBG MOBILE a few days ago, you’ll see a lot of new features being added.

Of course, it makes the war zone even hotter, like new weapons, new vehicles, new zones, and so on.

Exactly that day October 9, 2022 In this case, Payload Mode 2.0 is ready to welcome us and the changes are:

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Payload 2.0 PUBG Mobile

For those who have never played payload, this mode is a classic mode with a bonus like battle royale. heavy weapons, Too Other armed vehicles.

This mode is an upgrade mode from the available classic mode. You can even revive your dead friends by taking your ID card to the nearest radio tower.

You will be able to find Helicopter, grenade launcher, bazooka, And so on in this mode.

PUBG Mobile’s Payload 2.0 mode makes the following additions:

Armed vehicle

Source: Yt Bang Alex

Unlike previous versions, all vehicles on the map will have additional weapons such as flamethrowers and machine guns.

Each vehicle has its own additional weapons, such as UAZ. Grenade launcher.

UH60 helicopter

This new vehicle is another vehicle that you can meet in payload 2.0 mode.

This UH60 helicopter has machine gun Things that can be taken in the air.

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Bomb suit

Payload 2.0

This one outfit replaces a less strong armor vest.

There are many heavy weapons that can be very damaging in this mode, so even if you wear this bulletproof vest, you will have the courage to move forward.

It is an item that can only be obtained at Supply box or headquarters It’s just not scattered anywhere.

Headquarters or closed room

When playing Payload 2.0 mode, the Elangel map is dotted with many bases.

The base has bomb suits in a secret room, and you can also take advantage of the available UH60 helicopters.

New item

There are many new items and weapons you may find in this mode.

Will be available Drone Or Water strike As an aid to combat in this new mode.

How about? Are you more interested in playing payload mode later?

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