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PUBG Mobile 0.18 was released only a few days ago. However, Tencent Games, the developer of PUBG Mobile games, seems to have prepared PUBG Mobile 0.19 as soon as possible.

Tencent Games will open a beta server for PUBG Mobile 0.19. Tencent has since opened for players who want to participate in this beta, and registration of players to try PUBG Mobile 0.19 Beta has already begun.

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The process of registering for PUBG Mobile Beta Updates is very simple. Spinner You can sign up for the same and become an early beta tester by following a few simple steps listed below.

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  1. Click here to open the PUBG M 0.19 Beta Registration Portal.
  2. When you log in with your account, you will be taken to the survey page.
  3. Please enter the appropriate details in the survey correctly, such as your character ID such as age.
  4. After answering the question, click the submit button.
  5. After a few days, open the PUBG Mobile app and you will receive a confirmation notification for the beta app.

“PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 beta test recruitment will start shortly. Players interested in signing up for this beta test can submit a survey. GameExp is Tencent Games’ internal beta test platform. Selected. Applicants will be contacted by the GameExp team. The beta download link will soon be available to everyone, “says Tencent Games.

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PUBG MOBILE invites the best players from those who have signed up for beta testing. In addition, players who participate in this beta test will be provided with free skins. Players are encouraged to sign up for beta testing immediately as the registration portal will be closed soon. Remember to stay on our website to get the latest eSports news.

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