PUBG Announces PGC 2022 Qualification System for America and Europe

GridGames.ID – Krafton as PUBG developer and publisher officially announced the 2022 PUBG Global Championship (PGC) qualification system for region America and Europe.

The PGC 2022 Qualification System will ensure that all participating teams are the best teams that represent their region.

Through its press release on Friday (12/3), Krafton implemented a new system based on the number of points a team has accumulated in several PUBG tournaments in 2022.

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All points earned by the team will be displayed on the leaderboard, so fans can watch the performance of their favorite team.

Krafton also said that this system was created by considering 3 important elements in PUBG, namely, fans, players, and the structure of global competition.

Krafton said that this system would feel fair for all PUBG teams in America and Europe because the assessment was based on team performance.

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Then, which tournaments will produce big points in the PGC 2022 qualifiers? See the next page for a full explanation.


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