PSS retains 50 percent of the roster and Dejan Antonic

LIMAPAGI – The strength of PS Sleman (PSS) in the Menpora Cup 2022 is most likely only 50 percent. That is, only 50 percent of last season’s squad.

This was announced by the President Director of PT Putra Sleman Sembada (PT PSS), Marco Gracia Paulo, on Monday, May 21, 2022. PSS wants to form a mature team.

“They hold about 50 percent to get an agreement on a new contract. Then there are four to five new players who have agreed to join,” said Marco.

However, Marco did not reveal who the players survived and were targeted. The names of the survived players and those who were brought back by PSS will be announced in stages.

One thing is certain, Dejan Antonic will be looked after. The Serbian coach is entrusted with leading the Java Eagle, nicknamed PSS, in the Menpora Cup in 2022 and in League 1 in 2022.

The problem is that it’s not easy to get Antonic back to Indonesia right now. This is because there are regulations restricting foreign nationals from entering Indonesia during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As is well known, Antonic currently lives in Hong Kong with his family. Regarding Antonia’s arrival, PSS will try to communicate with PSSI and PT LIB.

PSS would like PSSI and PT LIB to cooperate on immigration to make it easier for foreign football players and coaches to travel to Indonesia. After meeting the requirements of the health protocol, of course.

“Hopefully we can get some relief, for example especially for foreign athletes and coaches, the government can help to get a special permit for entry into Indonesia,” said Marco.

Approved player

Meanwhile, PSS announced the release of nine players. The contracts of the nine players were not renewed by PSS for several reasons.

They were Luthfi Kamal, Efdal, Alex Sander, Burhan, Zamzani, Naufal, Hendra Molle, I Gede Sukadana and Dimas Galih, then the foreign player Yevhen Bokhashvili.

In a club release it was found that the club had no relatives from the dismissed players at that time. PSS ensures that it has no debt to its former players.

“The player’s contract is indeed signed. This means that the club has no arrears on contracts or salaries or other facilities for players,” said PSS manager Danilo Fernando.

“We don’t release (players) because they don’t have the ability or technique to play for a chance as a team,” explained Danilo. ***

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