PS5 Appearance and Size Details; Bigger Than PS4 Pro!

GridGames.ID – One more leak regarding Sony’s latest console towards its release date, which is on November 12, 2022.

Of the many information that Sony has provided about the PS5, it is not yet known exactly how big this new console is.

Fortunately, a certificate issued by the Taiwanese telecommunications authority, NCC, recently included a series of images of the PS5 console that represent the size and shape of the console from all sides.

PS5 side

Taiwan NCC

PS5 side

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Based on the information contained in the certification, it is written that the PS5 Standard Edition has dimensions of 390mm x 260mm x 104mm and weighs 4.5kg.

As for the Digital Edition version, it has a similar size, only the body is thinner.

This is because there is no place for tapes.

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With this fairly large body, the PS5 seems to be designed to be placed vertically or standing up, guys.

So it doesn’t take up much space, okay?

Let’s see, when compared to other consoles, the PS5 is the biggest.

Even the height is equivalent to a 30-inch TV, you know. It’s too big.

TV and console comparison


TV and console comparison

Investigate, there is a reason guys behind the size of the PlayStation 5’s body.

“It concerns the temperature issue. This latest generation is practically a small computer,” said Matt MacLaurin as Vice President of UX Design for PlayStation, which GridGames quoted from KompasTekno.

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Unfortunately, that’s all the information included in the document.

There’s nothing else besides the DualSense size image and the cables that will be in the PS5 box later.

In fact, many gamers are waiting for an overview of the NVMe (SSD) slot that will reportedly be on the PS5.

Because some time ago, Sony had announced that the PS5 could expand its storage capacity with an additional SSD.


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