Project NEXT Brings More Major Overhauls in 2022

After four years have passed since Mobile Legends Bang Bang enliven the Indonesian e-sport scene, now in 2022, Moonton as a developer will launch many new things for this game with the event title Project Next. In this major overhaul, many things were touched on, starting from the revamp of the Heroes as well as the technical aspects of the game itself. To know more details, let’s read further.

What Can You Get From Project NEXT?

The biggest part of Project NEXT is the revamp of the Heroes, therefore we will save that for the end, and discuss first about the changes in game aspects that will occur in Project NEXT. One of the first is the rendering of Hero which this time has much improved detail and visual acuity compared to before. With more realistic lighting and reflection, the colors of the heroes will become sharper, making the details in the model more vivid.

In addition to model characters, in-game effects have also changed. From how the effect of the character being highlighted makes it clearer, thus optimizing the team fight, to the stun indicator which is now closer to the affected Hero, with a smaller size. At the same time, the effect of leveling up is also simplified so that it becomes more elegant.

Still regarding the in-game itself, there are some changes that are also given to several other aspects. For example, reward chests and mini-maps will appear more realistic with the addition of 3D effects. So, in addition to a brighter display, the reward chest that gives the prize will be immediately known by the player. In addition, there is also an increase in appearance in the lobby, with the presence of a background, fade effects in the menu, as well as animations for ranking. So that way, you will feel the splendor of this new MLBB.

Mass Revamp of Heroes

Touching the revamp of old characters, up to the time this article was written there were 6 confirmed characters to go through the process. Who are they? Let’s see one by one.

1. Zilong

In addition to the character’s visuals, the most significant change will start from Zilong’s second skill, Spear Strike, where there will be an additional effect for this skill which is arguably a fairly strong improvement. With this addition, the cooldown speed of the second skill can be increased considerably, allowing players to do it many times against the same target. Plus, with the animation change in Zilong’s ultimate skill, it will be possible for players to issue Zilong’s passive skill, which also changes activation on the fourth stab, compared to the 6th second as in the old version.

2. Layla

Visually, in Project NEXT, what has definitely changed is Layla’s Malefic Gun. Where not only the default version, but all existing skins will experience changes. Not only that, the distance and size of the Malefic Gun shot itself was changed, with a greater amount of damage and flexibility of distance, which was determined by the success of the Malefic Bomb skill. One more skill that is affected by this change is the second skill and basic skill, where the range for the two attacks will be determined by each upgrade made to his ultimate skill.

3. Eudora

For Eudora, the change starts from Superconductor, where this passive skill is increased so that if it is paired with skill 1, it will increase the damage that is launched. In other situations, if the second skill is used, the player will be able to crowd control the opponent while launching an attack. With this, Eudora will be more in line with the purpose of changing his ability, which is to make him not only a useful Hero in the initial match up, but also for high-level ranked matches.

4. Saber

The developer understands well that Saber is too dependent on ultimate skills, erratic damage, and ordinary controls, so the focus of change in Project NEXT will revolve around that. One thing that is visible is for his first skill, where Flying Swords that normally only rotate can now be used for ordinary attacks. This allowed Saber to launch combos, which should meet the criteria for a pro tournament. One more change is in the second skill which will add damage and provide a slow effect that will make it easier for him to chase his enemies. With this, it is hoped that Saber can become a faster and more reliable Hero in Team Play.

5. Miya

Miya, who is ranked below Eudora in high-level matches, in this update will get an increase for her first skill, Miya will still shoot arrows repeatedly, but with the latest update, when the bar is full, Miya will summon her clone which will also shoot the arrows and deal even more damage to the enemy. Miya’s second skill also underwent a change where the enemy affected by the attack would be unable to move. This will allow Miya to shoot more arrows and do crowd control. With this increase, the skill will become flexible because it can be used to attack or escape.

6. Alucard

As a hero who is well known as a solo combatant, the Project NEXT update will further enhance this way of playing, where the damage that will be given to a single target will increase. This effect itself affects Alucard’s passive which previously dealt extra damage to multiple targets, will change to make it only appear if it is done to a single target. Another difference will also be seen in his Ultimate skill, where this time the life steal will be replaced with a mark for all enemies affected by the ultimate. The point itself is to trigger Alurcard’s passive ability, when any skill it uses hits the marked enemy.

And those are some of the significant changes that are coming with Project NEXT. Look out for this big update in September with a new logo that you might notice in the main image of this article. The update itself will not take up additional space on your device, so you don’t need to free up space anymore. What do you think about this NEXT Project? Come on, leave your comments below.

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