Production costs Rp. 5.5 million, but how come the iPhone X is being sold for Rp. 15 million?

Apple release iPhone X last September 12, smartphone This is specially made to mark ten years of presence iPhone in this world. Therefore, this device is specially made with full screen technology OLED.

But behind that, potential buyers have to spend a very large amount of money to get it. Because Apple price tag iPhone X worth USD 1,149 (256 GB) or approx. Rp 15 million. With that price, one could say iPhone X is smartphone most expensive so far. However, what is even more surprising is knowing the cost of making each unitshis.

iPhone X release

Based on a research company report from China, manufacture price iPhone X per unitsit didn’t even reach half the price. The calculation of the components used by this phone is as follows:

  • Panel OLED be the most expensive. Apple buy from Samsung worth USD 80 per units.
  • Memory internal and RAM bought from Toshiba. For memory NAND 256GB bought at a price USD 45, while for 3GB RAM as big as USD 24.
  • Processor A11 Bionic supplied from TSMC with a manufacturing price of USD 26. Modem used iPhone X bought from Qualcomm worth USD 18 per units.
  • The glass panel on the front was purchased for USD 18. For sensors 3D Touch spent USD 25.

iPhone X production cost breakdown

If all are totaled with other components, then one unit iPhone X variant 256GB made for USD 412.75 or around Rp 5.5 million. It’s around 35% of the selling price. Then there is a difference USD 736.25 or around Rp 9.8 million. The amount is quite large, but keep in mind, the cost of making it does not include various other costs.

Apple Of course you have to pay the salaries of employees who have worked to make smartphone the. Not to mention research costs, development devices and operating systems are quite high. Plus marketing, distribution and other costs that result in Apple set a high enough price for smartphone the newest one.

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