Prize pool TI 10 Dota 2 slightly outperformed TI 9!

Prizepool TI 10 Dota 2 slightly outperformed TI 9! This year is the saddest year for the Dota 2 community around the world. Because they have to give up absent from the big annual Dota 2 tournament, The International (TI).

Due to the pandemic of the coronavirus (Covid-19) that hit the world, Valve as the organizer decided to abolish TI 10 in 2022 and is most likely to be held in 2022.

However, the Dota 2 community’s enthusiasm for the existence of the TI 10 Battle Pass has not diminished. Due to the existence of the TI 10 Battle Pass, the player who bought it seemed to donate a few percent to the TI 10 prize pool.

International 10
Via photo: Valve

Today, TI 10 is approaching a tournament with the highest prize pool ever, beating TI 9 which had previously had a prize pool. US $ 34,330,068.

As of August 22, 2022, the TI 10 prize pool reached US $ 34 million, and at the time of this writing, the TI 10 prize pool was $ 34,158.89 million.

Perhaps at the end of this month, TI 10 will really beat TI 9’s prize pool. That’s because, at the time this article was published, there is currently a difference of about US $ 150K.

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Prize Pool TI 10 Dota 2
Via photo: Wickrum Lady

Of course, if TI 10 becomes a tournament with the best prize pool in the history of esports, the number is so great that it will be very difficult for other esports titles to pass.

Even teams that win TI 10 are directly on the list of the highest-paying professional players in esports.

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