Prince of Saudi Arabia tops Battle Pass for 3 years!

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia ranked first in the Battle Pass for the third consecutive year! The Saudi prince, Abdullah bin Abdullah of Aziz al-Saud, may have a hot conversation in the Dota 2 community around the world during the Battle Pass the International period.

Not surprisingly, the Prince of Saudi Arabia has been named the top of the highest level Battle Pass for the third consecutive year since the 2022 Battle Pass.

Of course, the 35-year-old prince has been at the top of the Battle Pass rankings for the third year in a row by spending money to buy Battle Pass levels.

Source: VP Esports

The Saudi prince was able to reach the 101,127 level by spending the equivalent of US $ 42,000 or Rp615 million for Battle Pass The International 2022. At Battle Pass The International 2022, half of the amount spent at Battle Pass The International 2022 will be US $ 21,000 or IDR 307 million, earning the level of 51,354 Battle Pass.

And in less than a week, Battle Pass The International 10 was able to reach Battle Pass level 14,430 at a cost equivalent to US $ 6,000 or Rp88 million.

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Source: Reuters / Pavel Golovkin

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Given that The International 10’s Battle Pass is still long, it’s not impossible for the prince to re-pour money to raise the level of the Battle Spinner, What level is Prince’s The International 10 Battle Pass after all? Remember to stay on our website to get the latest eSports news.

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