Price of Original Vivo Y17 Spare Parts and Accessories (Screen, Backcover, Battery, Camera, etc.)

There are times when the cellphone that we use is damaged, it can end up falling, hitting a wall, being exposed to water or sinking which causes some spare parts or components in it to be damaged.

For you smart phone users Vivo Y17, the following is a price list of official original spare parts from Vivo Service Center:

  • Main Board. often damaged due to exposure to liquids, or due to prolonged use: Rp. 1,297,000
  • Display Components (LCD Assembly) often damaged due to falling or stress that causes the glass to break or the touchscreen does not work: Rp. 599,000
  • Battery Cover, although it rarely breaks but due to use it can become cracked or dull: Rp. 211,000
  • Front camera: Rp. 179,000
  • Main Rear Camera: Rp. 175,000
  • Sub-Rear Camera: Rp. 130,000
  • Battery. One time it needs to be replaced if it has dropped, is wasteful or bloated: Rp. 268.000
  • headset: Rp. 79,000
  • USB Cable: Rp. 30,000
  • Adapter. The Vivo Y17 charger supports Dual-Engine Fast Charging 9V 2A (18 Watts): Rp. 147,000

Service Description:

  1. Explanation of the costs on the spare part price page, during the warranty period, damaged or abnormal cellphones due to functional damage, inspection, replacement of spare parts, or maintenance methods are free of charge;
  2. Cellphones that are beyond the warranty period, checking and maintaining the method are still free, if necessary, spare part replacement is needed, only spare part fees are charged, no processing fees are collected; (Functional damage to the phone will be decided through an investigation at the service center)
  3. The price list above is only a reference for the price of some spare parts, for other spare part prices, please contact the Vivo service center.
  4. Prices as of July 2022, subject to change at any time.

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