Presenting Strategy Gameplay, Joycity Opens Crossfire Warzone Registration

GridGames.ID – Gamers born in the 90s must know this game series, Crossfire.

The reason is, the game series published by Joycity will release a strategy game titled Crossfire: Warzone.

With a touch of tactical simulation, this game is predicted to make CrossFire popular again.

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Currently, CrossFire: Warzone is available for early registration to launch on iOS and Android platforms.

The plan, this game will be released for 166 countries around the world.

The CrossFire franchise is now enjoyed by more than 100 million players.

This game gives you the option to recruit 25 different familiar characters from the original PC version.

You can command helicopters, military vehicles and soldiers in PVP and PVE battles.

In addition, you will also use high-tech combat units to fight against terrorists and reclaim the cities they have captured.

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