Prediction of the Team that Will Win in MDL Season 2 According to the Casters

Teams competing in MDL Season 2


Teams competing in MDL Season 2

GridGames.ID – The Mobile Legends Development League (MDL) Season 2 Playoffs will start soon.

With an unsatisfactory score in the Regular Season, three teams are confirmed to have been eliminated from the tournament.

Meanwhile, the other 8 teams will continue their journey in the Playoffs which will take place this week.

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In total there are 9 to 10 matches that took place by each team competing in MDL Regular Season 2.

However, there were 3 teams that had to be eliminated because they were in the bottom 3 of the standings, namely Geek Fam Jr., Alter Ego X and one team that dropped out of qualification, XCN BKB.

Meanwhile, at the top of the standings, the RRQ Sena team was able to meet expectations as a team with new talents.

Before entering the MDL Season 2 Playoffs, three casters, namely Fahmi “Kornet”, Fauzianska “Gold Ranger” Ramadhan or Oji, and Abed “Ansel” who gave a brief overview of the teams that will compete in the MDL Season 2 Playoffs and the regular season. .

“I think this MDL Season 2 was a bit surprising, because the defending champion played beyond expectations after being left by two important figures, namely SANZ to ONIC Esports and Renbo to Bigetron Alpha. Position 7 is not a good condition for Victim Esports during MDL Season 2. But for the Playoffs? Of course everything is different, because in many cases the team will save their strategy in the top match. Come on, Victim Esports can still do it!” said the Gold Ranger of his prediction.

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Unlike Oji, the tandem, Fahmi or known as Kornet, has his own opinion.

“Indeed, basically MDL Season 2 will be more complicated and difficult to predict, yes, because the players who color the event are new talents. As the name suggests, talent has its ups and downs. It means that sometimes you play really well but you can make mistakes or be inconsistent during the game from week to week. If I may see, RRQ Sena is the most consistent team. This team has a lot of talent, even one of the MDL RRQ Sena players, namely Albertt, was drawn to the RRQ Hoshi team in MPL ID Season 6. In general, I’m really good at RRQ Sena. His performance for 10 matches can be said to be very good. In fact, they’ve only lost once and that’s the same as the ONIC Prodigy team, which is now in second place,” explained Kornet in the interview session.

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Ansel himself had a different perspective during the MDL Regular Season 2 event as well as the champion team who was deemed to have a high chance of becoming the champion.

“MDL Season 2 has proven to be really fun. I didn’t think there would be one qualifying team and two invited teams that had to be eliminated, Geek Fam Jr., Alter Ego X and XCN BKB. The three of them have their own unique game, but again the strategy of each team is very varied,” he said.

Ansel further explained, “The top three were also filled with invited teams from the MPL slot, namely RRQ Sena, ONIC Prodigy, and Aura Esports. Rich in terms of aggregate points, they are three teams that have high winning potential, another reason is because consistency is difficult and they are able to answer the challenge. EVOS Esports itself has not been able to bring out its best game, just like the EVOS Legends division in MPL ID Season 6. But when it comes to Playoffs, anything can happen. If I could choose a hero, I would choose ONIC Prodigy. They actually have a roster that deserves to play up to the MPL level. In fact, this team is the only one who can beat RRQ Sena so I think there is a big chance to beat the other teams. But again, the Playoffs are the most difficult to predict because there are strategies that are kept by each team,” concluded Ansel.

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The MDL Season 2 playoffs will last for 3 days from 9 to 11 October 2022.

Don’t forget to watch the fun through live streaming on YouTube MDL Indonesia, Facebook MDL Indonesia and Nimo TV, OK!

So, who do you support in MDL Season 2, guys?


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