Prambors Collaborates with Yamisok to Hold PUBG Mobile Battle for Young People

Prambors PUBG Mobile Battle my Malready!

Jakarta, 22 May 2022 – With the increasing number of esports tournaments and events that have taken place so far, it is not wrong if many parties have begun to pay great attention to the development of today’s digital sports, one of which is Radio Prambors! Prambors, a favorite radio station among young people in Indonesia, is ready to enter the country’s esports industry through a partnership with YAMISOK Platform Indonesia, to organize a tournament entitled Prambors PUBG Mobile Battle 2022!

In contrast to game competitions in general, Prambors PUBG Mobile Battle 2022 carries the concept of daily tournament, so it can be a place for gamers to compete every day. Besides being able to measure abilities, gamers who participate in PUBG Mobile Battle will find it easier Develop yourself both personally and as a team, because fierce and balanced competition will give them invaluable competitive experience.

“We also have the view that what gamers need most to develop themselves is to compete against teams of equal ability. And, through Prambors PUBG Mobile Battle 2022, all of that can be realized because every gamer who registers will have the same goal, which is to be the best, “said Josephine Euneke N R, as the initiator of Prambors PUBG Mobile Battle 2022. “So that all their abilities will be mobilized, and make it a meaningful lesson in the future in future competitions.”

Prambors PUBG Mobile Battle 2022 last date 25 May – 3 May 2022. For approximately one week, the participants will compete every day to collect points. These points will determine the position of each participant in the tournament standings (leaderboard), which the top 50 participants on the leaderboard are eligible to compete in Grand Final.

Every day, about 6 rooms will be opened that can accommodate up to 50 participants in each room. Not only aiming to develop themselves and the experience of the competition, all participants will be totally lured in prize pool as big as 10,000,000 IDR, which of course will be a fresh trigger for young people who are participants in the 2022 Prambors PUBG Mobile Battle!

Interested? Just visit, and do account registration (Sign Up), if not! Fill in your profile data correctly and correctly, then bind game according to the game tournament you will participate in Yamisok Tournament. When finished, verify your email, according to what you listed at the time of account registration! More info, please see the guide HERE.


About Prambors.

If you are a cool, creative young person who is 15 to 29 years old, then you are Prambors Young People, you know! With Contemporary Hits Radio (CHR) music format, exciting broadcasters and up-to-date content, Prambors will always be ready to entertain Young People in Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Solo, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar and Manado.

For young people in other cities, don’t worry, Prambors can be accessed on many channels, namely the website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Prambors Channel on Indihome channel 453, and the Prambors app which you can download on Google playstore.

DGITM, DJ-SHOW, SUNSET TRIP and NIGHTSHIFT will always accompany your activities from Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, there are PRAMBORS WEEKEND VIBEZ, AMERICAN TOP40 and ASIA POP 40 that will make your weekend more enjoyable.

Want to watch a concert or vacation at home or abroad? Only Prambors gave many prizes for concert tickets and invited Young People to take part in exciting quizzes such as the Vacations of the Holidays and the Falling Star Concert. Then we also have several events such as Skulprize, Gather You and many more. Let’s see some video clips!




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