Practical ways to open / run .Exe files on Android

Files with the .exe extension can generally only be opened using a computer or laptop. However, over time, we can open .Exe files through Android. It is possible because it is supported by qualified Android specs. So we can run the exe file on Android.

Not all files with the .EXE extension can be opened via Android, only those with a small size. At least no more than 10MB. Perhaps for this size you can open applications for light old-school games.

Of course, to run the exe file you need a file with this extension. You can download free of charge on the dosgamesarchive website.

The website also has a wide variety of applications with the .Exe extension that have a license Shareware.

If you want to open an exe file on Android, the author provides a tutorial in this article entitled Convenient Ways to Open / Run .Exe Files on Android.

Prepare the following materials before proceeding with the tutorial.

  • Download aFreeBox app
  • Download ZArchiver app
  • Download Files with the extension .EXE


1. Unzip or extract the exe file, which is still in the zip format, with the ZArchiver application.

2. Make sure you know where the .exe file is located. For example, I save in Storage / emulated / 0 / download

3. According to the file Postal code in the extract you will find .exe files, the file cannot be opened directly. You install and open the aFreeBox application.

4. Next, make sure you know where you are. For example as in the picture below is located in Storage / SD Card1 / Downloads. What does it mean to be inside Folder for SdCard downloads.

Activate the keyboard to enter command words. click Keyboard symbols what is at the top.

5. Fifth, enter the command word to open the folder where the .exe file is stored.

For example, I save it in Save / emulate / 0 / download. Enter the command word and select Enter.

6. When the folder opens, enter the command word lh (space) filename .exe his.

Example, lh blocks.exe Then, press ENTER.

7. And the file with extension .EXE will open / run successfully on Android.

8. Done.

So many tutorials Convenient Ways to Open / Run .Exe Files on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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