Police: Anji’s motive for using marijuana to relax and be productive

LIMAPAGI – Police revealed the motive or reason behind musician Erdian Aji Prihartanto aka Anji, who has been shown to be positive for using marijuana.

According to West Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Pol Ady Wibowo, the reason the former Drive Group singer consumes illegal goods sounds pretty clich├ęd, which is to relax and be productive.

“According to the person concerned, he has been using marijuana-like drugs since September 2022, where he has used it to relax, perhaps to be productive of the things he seeks as an artist,” Ady told a press conference in the Jakarta Metro Police West, Wednesday June 16, 2022.

Ady also revealed from the results of the investigation that Anji did not use marijuana every day. Due to a confession to the police, the 42-year-old musician only used it a few times.

“Not too routine. So only a few times after his confession. Not routine every day,” he said.

During the arrest, Ady explained, police also managed to secure evidence in the form of marijuana, marijuana extract, papyrus, speakers for storing marijuana, marijuana seeds, marijuana stems and books on marijuana.

“The evidence was found in two locations, namely Anji’s music studio in Cibubur, east Jakarta and Bandung, west Java,” he continued.

From the results of the searches at the two different locations, Ady said all of the marijuana was found, weighing around 30 grams gross.

In order to be accountable for his actions, Anji is subject to Article 111 Paragraph (1) Sub-Article 127 Paragraph (1) Letter (a) Law (UU) No. 35 of 2009 on Narcotics.

“The maximum sentence is 12 years in prison,” said Ady.

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