Pokemon Wonder Amusement Park Opens Soon in Japan, Here’s What It Looks Like!

Pokemon Wonder Park Poster


Pokemon Wonder Park Poster

GridGames.ID – This week, the Pokemon Company announced a Pokemon-themed amusement park called Pokemon Wonder.

Pokemon Wonder Park is located behind the largest amusement park in Tokyo, Yomiuriland.

Pokemon Wonder Park is a 14.63 sq km forest with beautiful natural scenery and full of Pokemon.

The forest that was used as a Pokemon park was originally a forest that has been untouched for the past 20 years.

The forest is used as a Pokemon park because the place is really beautiful and suitable for use as a playground for children and families.

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Pokemon Wonder uses the slogan ‘nature adventure’ which is suitable as a playground for children and adults.

Later, visitors to the Pokemon Wonder park will act as Pokemon researchers and adventure through the beautiful forest to find various types of Pokemon.

The Pokemon presented at the Pokemon Wonder park are handicrafts made from acorns, leaves and other natural materials.

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