Pokemon Masters Game Released Fulfills Pokemon TCG collectors’ desires

Pokemon Masters is coming to smartphones

For those of you catfish breeders and seekers of Full Art Charizard, be happy, because the latest game from Pokemon is not fake. This game, which can be downloaded on the Playstore and titled Pokemon Masters, is ready to accompany you, with various official content, of course. For those who want to download, you can check the following link

Let’s just watch the trailer

In this game, you will be taken on an adventure in an artificial island area called Patio Island. On this Patio island, each trainer has only 1 pokemon that can use the “sync” feature between trainers and pokemon. The ultimate goal of your adventure is to win the PML, also known as the Pokemon Master League. That’s why you have to collect badges from each Pokemon Leader and defeat them.

Pokemon TCG collector?  This is the Pokemon game that is not cans for you
Ready to play with Pokemon Trainers

Challenging new features and Gameplay

In this Pokemon Master game, we will get various features, some of the mainstay features are Real Time Battle and Co-op multiplayer. Accompanied by previous Pokemon trainers, this game will invite you to get used to the 3 vs 3 format.

Pokemon TCG collector?  This is the Pokemon game that is not cans for you

In addition there will be the addition of special attacks with pokemon called “Sync”. In addition there is also a feature that can be done simultaneously with other pokemon, They call it Unity Attack.

Pokemon TCG collector?  This is the Pokemon game that is not cans for you

For those who want to see details of other features, you can check the following video

Minimum Specification

Informed on the playstore page of this pokemon game, there is some detailed information regarding the minimum specifications so that it can be played to the fullest. Here is some info about the minimum specs.

  • It is recommended to use a device that has 2GB of RAM.
  • Using Android OS 7.0 or higher is highly recommended
  • Using Android OS 5.0 or above / 64 bit

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