Pokemon Go Hoenn Throwback Challenge Event with Groudon Prizes

Pokemon Go Remote Raid New Features

Pokemon Go Remote Raid New Features

GridGames.ID – The Throwback Challenge celebrating Johto has now ended and has been replaced with the Hoenn event.

Players will have until May 22 to complete a series of new challenges with item rewards and Pokemon encounters.

The last two Throwback Challenges have awarded Mewthow and Ho-Oh as grand prizes for completing nine task sets.

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Legendary Pokemon, Groudon

Legendary Pokemon, Groudon

This time Groudon will be crowned the prize of the next Throwback Challenge.

Those of you who complete the Groudon challenge from this encounter will have the Fire Punch ability as well as another gift of 10 Rare Candies.

To get Groudon, you have to complete other simple challenges, such as upgrading Pokemon, catching certain types or taking photos of them.

As you complete these challenges, you will get other prizes such as Poke Balls, Incense, Star Pieces and many more.

Another surprising thing, this event will feature several third generation Pokemon such as Claydoy, Bagon, Absol and Manectric.


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