Pokemon Diamond / Pearl Remake for Nintendo Switch

A few weeks ago, rumors surfaced that The Pokemon Company would do it make new to the Pokémon diamond / pearl. The rumors turned out to be true. In a video presentation released last night on May 26th, The Pokemon Company announced: Pokemon Brilliant Diamond / Luminous Pear.

Game remake it brings you back to Shinnoh region and get to know the characters and Pokémon that appear in Games this fourth generation. But besides the world, Pokemon and characters, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond / Luminous Pear will also come back with perspective top down how Games The original is complete with tall grass and cliffs to jump over. the difference, Games This new one no longer has 32-bit graphics, but more realistic three-dimensional graphics.

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Pokémon diamond / pearl is Pokémon games which was released in 2022. Games that’s going to be quite a lot review positive because of its new graphics and interesting world and characters. The featured Pokémon are also interesting and have a huge impact on both commercial and competitive levels such as Lucario, Togekiss, Infernape, and of course Garchomp.

from Style of play, Games it is a challenge struggle which is quite difficult for players, especially when facing champion Cynthia. Considering that Cynthia herself is often in Pokémon games others outside Diamonds / pearls, not surprising to see Games who never has make new It’s coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon brilliant diamond / shiny pearl will be published simultaneously worldwide at the end of 2022.

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