PMWL 2022 Final Day 4 Results! Bigetron RA Champion Asia and World Champion at the same time!

PMWL 2022 Final Day 4 Results! Day 4 is also the final day of the PMWL 2022 East Finals. With the day of determination to decide who will be the champion at PMWL 2022 East.

After three very intense days, no team has yet definitely won this PMWL 2022 East. BTR RA and RRQ Athena are currently only two points apart, and Box Gaming and other Indian teams are not too late.

PMWL 2022 Final Day 4 Results!

Bigetron RA has begun the biggest day of failure to reach its full potential. However, in Vikendi’s second match, they played very well, even though they didn’t win the WWCD.

BTR RA usually plays well with Erangel, but doesn’t seem to perform at its best. But in the usual Miramar match, they weren’t enough and were able to finish second.

However, today’s BTR RA is inconsistent, and the closest teams, U Level Up, Box Gaming, OR, and RRQ Athena, are even more inconsistent. OR today passed BTR RA at the top of his WWCD.

The winner must be determined until the final match between Match 6 and Erangel. BTR RA was 6 points ahead of RRQ Athena and 7 points ahead of OR, so it must have been very close in this last match.

In this Erangel, BTR RA had a bad start and had to lose three players except Luxxy. When it is tactical for Luxxy to try to survive as long as possible.

In this match, RRQ Athena and OR also failed to play well if everyone was eliminated first than BTR RA. U level up eliminates Athena’s RRQ at 11 and T1 eliminates OR at 7.

BTR RA, who finished 6th in Erangel’s Round 6, can take the lead.

PMWL 2022 Final Day 4 Standings

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Match Summary:

Match 1: Elangel

BTR RA wasn’t that hot in Match 1, where you could only get 12th place with just two kills. When they want to enter a safe zone, they are under pressure from Valdas the Murder.

There they turned around again in the car, but this time they couldn’t see T1 and Team Secret targeting themselves.

Unfortunately, they had to settle with 3 points. RRQ Athena also didn’t get a good position, but in the 13th position he was able to get 4 kills and increase his lead.

Will the Indian team win 4 this day? The TSM entity began to show its fangs, winning WWCD and 14 kills.

Proper and rapid rotation allows TSM entities to enter the safe zone and become the first team to reinforce their position in the safe zone. In a strong position, they can get this WWCD.

The OR also played very well where they could control the compound in the zone, but when they put out the compound for rotation, they were under pressure from other teams already in the zone.

However, the OR can still get a lot of kills and can do the best damage with 9.

Match 2: Vikendi

BTR RA peels fangs on the 4th day fasting! First, you can eliminate two players by making a very good push to Team IND.

You can then enter the safe zone with a clever rotation and eliminate the T1 team. After entering the safe zone, they could be the last 5-6 teams whose zone shrinks on a small hill.

Super Ryzen is back! This BTR RA rush automatically eliminated the last 2 U level up players after the U level up eliminated RRQ Athena.

After that, Ryzen fought four OR players, and the other players fell first, allowing them to beat the OR with jump shots and beautiful movements.

However, Yodo Gank played very smartly, waiting for BTR RA, OR, U level up and RRQ Athena to fight first. Overwhelming all teams, Ryzen had to fight three Yodo Gank players at the end of the match.

3 to 1 is too difficult even for Super Ryzen, but BTR RA should be happy with this second place and its excellent performance. With 13 kills, a total of 27 points, he still beats Yoodo Gank on the WWCD.

Ryzen himself scored 8 kills in the match, showing the true strength of the most damaging BTR RA in the match!

Match 3: Elangel

In this third Erangel game, BTR RA made some interesting decisions, but with no good results. First of all, Ryzen himself is deep in the blue zone to see the enemy, but it is excluded because the zone is far away.

Rotating to the safe zone, I had to play Box Gaming in the open area, but in a good grenade game, BTR RA was eliminated in 16th place with one kill.

U Level Up played very well in this game with 7 kills and was able to close the advantage of BTR RA at the top of the standings. In this game, ULU, who has good rotation and movement, can get 6th place.

The zone-beneficial RRQ Athena did not have to rotate far to get a good position in the safe zone. They just wait for the team to come and the number of kills shows that there are only 4 kills.

The OR played very well again, predicted the zone with Erangel and turned very quickly to a very strong position in the safe zone.

This allows them to control the rotating team and must fight first before going to the area where the OR is. 14 kills, the biggest damage in the game.

Alternatively, eliminate RRQ Athena in the third WWCD in this PMWL 2022 final.

Match 4: Miramar

Miramar is usually controlled by RRQ Athena. But in this match, they were the biggest, not as aggressive as usual. They have to return to 8th place with only one kill.

The team at the top of the OR ranking also returned home very early in 15th place with just two kills. It’s a great opportunity for them to regain the lead while these two teams aren’t playing well.

Bigetron RA played much better in this match than the previous Miramar. Usually their Miramars aren’t strong, but this time they can spin very well.

They played aggressively from the beginning and soon fought GXR Seltz and eliminated them too. After that good rotation, they can enter the safe zone and get a pretty good position in the last few teams.

Before playing with the exact grenade of Microboy, if the last four teams of BTR RA can eliminate KOG first, then eliminate the Japanese team, REJECT Scarlet.

However, 2 to 4 is very difficult against Valdas The Murder and must be very pleased with his good performance in 2nd place Miramar.

Valdus the Murder is due to a good rotation that doesn’t have to be much until the end of the game, just wait for the BTR RA to eliminate the other teams and then play against the BTR RA to get the WWCD.

You can compare the 4 kills that Baldas got with the 9 kills of BTR RA. Team Secret, who is usually very strong in Miramar, was able to finish 6th with 10 kills and sent the OR home first.

Match 5: Sanhoku

A difficult match for the Sanhok team. Which zone is the entire Parateam aiming for? BTR RA also continues to chase the blue zone.

As it spun, it had to pass through RRQ Athena and GXR Celtz. This was too difficult for BTR RA to do. BTR RA has decided to survive as long as possible.

Ryzen was given all the first aid by other players and tried to survive in the blue zone for as long as possible. With this tactic, you can only get 5th place and 1 kill.

RRQ Athena also struggled a bit with this Sanhok and had difficulty rotating to the safe zone. However, they are faster than BTR RA, so they dismiss Earny and retain BTR RA.

In a very good game of Beer11, he cursed on the grass to keep the game going for as long as possible. And they finish in 3rd place with 6 kills, better than BTR RA.

The OR team was also barely able to finish in 6th place without a kill. SynerGE and T1 are the teams that played very well in Match 5.

The T1 rotation is very good and you can also play aggressively with 14 kills in this match. 8 kills with Sayden alone. This WWCD must be passed to SynerGE as T1 will be more active at the end of the match.

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Match 6: Elangel

The most important match in the PMWL 2022 Final, where the top three teams are very tight. BTR RA, RRQ Athena and OR must fight to win this PMWL 2022 East.

BTR RA didn’t start the match very well, but it turned hard to overtake Box Gaming and U Level Up. But they had to lose Zuxxy first.

Then crushed by several teams in the open area, Microboy and Ryzen were knocked out by U Level Up and Box Gaming. Luxxy attaches great importance to placement points and runs away to curse and survive.

However, U Level Up played very aggressively and immediately pushed to the RRQ Athena compound. And RRQ Athena returned to first place with only one kill by ULU.

The next closest team, OR, was also sent off in 7th place due to T1. After seeing OR’s defeat, Luxxy was sent off home and BTR RA was now 6th.

Box Gaming played very aggressively at Barber in this last match. They knew they could still catch up with RRQ Athena to third place. And get as many kills as you can.

This gaming box, which has been performing for many years, has been missing for the last few days. They dominated Match 6 with fast rotation, eliminated the TSM entity, and finally won the final WWCD for PMWL 2022 East.

This allowed BTR RA to beat OR and RRQ Athens in this PMWL 2022 East!

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