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The most recently completed PUBG Mobile tournament in Indonesia, PMPL 2022, recorded a lot of interesting things during the event. One of them is the number of livestreams of very high events, even in the range of over 155,000 people who watched PMPL 2022 on livestream.

Sure, this season’s PMPL itself is only available for livestreaming, but we didn’t hold an event because the coronavirus pandemic, which threatens human health, is no exception in Indonesia. Therefore, for the safety of PUBG Mobile fans and professional players who participated in this event, we finally decided not to hold this event offline.

Due to this impact, PMPL 2022 can only be viewed online or livestreamed, and data viewed at the time of the event recorded more than 155,000 PMPL 2022 livestreaming viewers. Of course, this is no longer surprising, as the event can only be viewed livestream.


Moreover, despite being held online as a result, Indonesia’s best PUBG Mobile tournament is arguably very successful and doesn’t seem to have many obstacles. From May 3rd to 5th, 2022, the 16 teams that participated in the PMPL Indonesia 2022 Grand Final performed at their best, making every round of the event extremely exciting and competitive.

As a result, the top three teams will be the top in the final ranking, followed by Bigetron in first place, Morph team in second place, and Onic esports in third place. Three of them will also represent Indonesia in the PMPLSEA Final, where the date of play is still kept secret.

He then won a special slot in the East Zone PUBG Mobile World League, in addition to PMPL SEA, especially for Bigetron RA, who ranked first in PMPL Indonesia 2022. For Morph Team and ONIC, if they can later win the top two in PMPL SEA, they will also have the opportunity to appear in the event.

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