PMPL ID Season 5 Week 2 Day 3: NFT Esports Double WWCD!

The match on the 3rd day of PMPL ID Season 2 was very exciting yesterday (2/4/2022). The NFT Esports team managed to dominate the match by getting double WWCD.


The match in Week 2 Day 3 became a very hot match. For those of you who missed PMPL ID Season 5 Week 2 Day 3 earlier, don’t worry because Game Spot has prepared a recap for you!

PMPL ID Season 5 Week 2 Day 3 results

  • Sanhok – NFT Esports
  • Erangel – BNW 88
  • Miramar – Aura Fire
  • Miramar – Voin Victory
  • Erangel – NFT Esports

Games first opened with a win from NFT Esports. Successfully repatriating other teams that were in the zone, NFT eventually became the master of the zone. They just have to wait for the last player from the Alter Ego team to die in the zone and get their WWCD.

Game games the second was very intense. However, team BNW 88 played very well and managed tosecure WWCD. Their patient game allowed them to beat the Bigetron Red Aliens team. A good bomb throw managed to make BNW 88 open timing and advance against Bigetron Red Aliens.

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 22.44.16

1 vs 1 match between players from GPX team and team Dunia Games going on very exciting. Carefully players from each team came forward to monitor each other’s movements. However, the mature and excellent grenade throwing from the Dunia Games team finally sent the GPX players home.

Miramar in games both team won Victory Voin. Even though they only left two players, they benefited greatly because they had high ground. A wider view makes it easier for them to see the enemy.

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 22.46.46

Games last closed by the victory of the team NFT Esports. After previously opening the game with WWCD, this time they closed the game with WWCD. Boldly, they went forward and looked for the last player from the ONIC Esports team. WWCD they managed to get a total of 7 kills.

Overall Ranking PMPL ID Season 5 Week 2 Day 3

With today’s match results, ION Esports managed to solidify their position in the standings, while NFT Esports trailed in second place with a narrow difference in total scores. Following overall ranking PMPL ID Season 5 Week 2 Day 3:

Don’t miss the exciting action of the teams, today at PMPL ID Season 5 Week 2 Day 4 in the future Sunday, May 3, 2022. Don’t forget to continue to support your favorite team, OK!

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